INDIVIDUAL as a brand values the quality of each item of clothing and the personality of the wearer. An unconventionally chic way of dressing that draws inspiration from the world of denim and streetwear, enriched with vintage flair and bon-ton to create a contemporary and distinctive style, always elegantly balanced and trendy, is what defines INDIVIDUAL. The INDIVIDUAL collections offer a total look with classic and innovative garments to mix and match with freedom and personality, creating a wardrobe suitable for different settings and always hip.


INDIVIDUAL dresses men who love fashion and whim without sacrificing quality. It expresses a style in men's apparel perfectly suitable to different situations and settings, combining with originality chic and casual items of clothing. 
Inspired by classic wear with vintage elements, it is enriched by a cosmopolitan flair that combines international cues with all-Italian distinctiveness. 
INDIVIDUAL embodies the contemporary man who naturally blends his wardrobe to create a distinctive look that conveys poise. The result is a total look to don with class, and that is never ordinary.

The choice of fabrics is meticulous, textures and colors juxtapose to create collections that are balanced and refined.


The INDIVIDUAL collections spring from an in-house Italian creative team led by Andrea Cantini, where young stylists interact daily with more experienced designers. 
This combination of talents provides a very fertile ground, allowing INDIVIDUAL to evolve and identify new trends while upholding its uniqueness. 
The creative process stems from research and fashion trend analysis, also lending a keen eye on budding trends overseas. Details, prints, embroideries, jacquards, and inlays are all subject to thorough research. 
Every bit of customization increases a garment's preciousness, making it stand out in the market. Creativity is at the core of this brand's clear identity.

Sales contact: 
Hans Van Nerum
0475 51 00 30

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