ST Studio

ST. studio is a brand that honours real character women.

We don´t just create contemporary women’s wear with head to toe looks – with ST. studio The Essentials as the core of our collection - we do and are much more than that. 

Because to be a real woman, you have to focus on more than just the outside. We support and dare women to show their true self - their inside. Because we believe that women who dare to show their vulnerability, are more powerful for it. For us it’s all about mentality and not just the outside “look” of fashion and that’s exactly what makes us stand out from other brands.

By honouring the real character woman, we bond with her. 
We surprise and move her. 
We encourage and energize her. 
That’s why we are here...

Sales contact: 
Ester Vervenne
0496 25 55 85
Laura Volckaert
0474 81 64 17

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