It all started with a jacket... The jacket of Guy Azoulay’s dreams, the founder of Chevignon. This jacket was like the “flight” jackets worn by American Air Force pilots in the 50s, imitating the same attractive, comfortable, and solid style. But this jacket would bear the name of a Frenchman, Charles Chevignon. Born in 1979 from the talent of a man who dreamed of America, Chevignon, a teenage icon and a reference in Street Culture, has evolved ever since, keeping up with the times while capitalizing on its DNA.

Chevignon revisits its iconic pieces with every season: flight jackets, bomber jackets, teddys, down jackets... letting its creativity soar when it comes to the male wardrobe. 

The CHEVIGNON man, at ease in his era, combines appearance and 

casualness. A style which has always been unique, the rallying cry of the groups who see the city as their playground.

Sales contact: 
Kristof Petit
0478 22 31 77

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