Jacky Girl

JACKY, a name of a powerful woman, LUXURY stands for luxurious trendy and affordable clothing.

In the collection you will find great products such as; dresses, tunics, T-shirts, jeans, Luxurious tracksuits, leather jackets and fabulous warm trendy winter jackets! All these products are made in beautiful colors and prints that are processed with satin, voile, linen, cotton jeans and leather.

Jacky Luxury successfully launched the Jacky Girls collection in 2012. The Jacky Girls collection is the same as the adult collection. Can you already see yourself and your little girl in the same beautiful dress? How great is that?!

Jacky Luxury strives to make even better collections every season! The collections are designed in Amsterdam and produced in Asia, India and Turkey.

Sales contact: 
Laura Volckaert
0474 81 64 17

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