Just’Eve is an elegant Belgian pret-à-porter collection with a light rock content that only works with natural materials and sustainable qualities. The collection, which is also known for its perfect fits, consists of unique, exclusive prints and aims to give every woman the ultimate feeling of self-confidence and femininity.

At Just’Eve, they attach great importance to the "sustainable and ethical story." The use of natural materials is much better and non-toxic for the environment and for the body, there are no chemical processes involved. It is also true that natural materials last much longer than synthetic fabrics, so you can enjoy each piece much longer. But the choice of materials is not only important for the sustainable, ethical story. It is also very important for them that they work with honest labor. At Just’Eve, for example, they only work with European manufacturers who comply with European laws that control and guarantee fair labor.

Marie Finné, the designer, together with Chanel Leroy, head of Styling, have a great common interest and passion for art, which often translates into the collections. But they also get inspiration from travel, museums, music, ... Together they also go to the Fashion Weeks, Première Vision, the international fabric fair, to bundle their inspirations and ideas there and to bring them to life in their new collections.

Sales contact: 
Chanel Leroy
+32 495 52 34 77

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